Friday, July 18, 2008


Can't let this blog rot like the last one, now can I? Time for a new post!

Here's what my apartment mates and I used as a TV remote for a while since the owner couldn't find it:


uh huh. it's a pole.

now here's what we use:


A Palm Tungsten T3 I got waaaaaay back in high school, with a remote program. I remembered my sister's palm had a remote program built-in, and since my T3 had been rotting in my drawer since I stopped using its graphing calculator function, this remote was practically free. Screw the universal. This has a touchscreen and is much cooler.

The T3 served me well. Still, I never got onto the internet with it. I never did buy a Palm WiFi SD card, and when I asked Sprint for their cheapest phone with bluetooth a few years ago, it only supported bluetooth headsets, not bluetooth internet transfer. It had long been my dream to put the internet on the T3. Still, it served as my mp3 player, graphing calculator, pic/video viewer and general purpose pda (schedule, notes, etc etc) for quite a few years.

Now I have a Centro.

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