Friday, September 25, 2009

2nd Cardboard Shelf!

This has been done for a while, and I have been a bad blogger, I've neglected to update. I updated, but I updated on facebook. To be honest I don't think anyone visits this blog anymore; especially after nearly 2 months with no updates, the latest being about how I'm running every other day now (still am though!).

Here is the album on facebook. The link should work for everyone regardless of facebook membership status-at least that's what it tells me. Oh-I just found out this nulls any notion of anonymity on my part, but that's okay.

The gum tape REALLY brought out the front, it just looks GREAT, compared to the last shelf. The last shelf was "sealed" with strips of brown paper bag lined with wood glue.

I might be repairing my laptop speakers this weekend if any readers are interested in seeing an MSI Megabook S262 teardown; but it's just a simple cable replacement, nothing too noteworthy.

That's it for now.