Thursday, October 1, 2009


So it's official, I've joined Cal's Formula SAE team! I only have a few days experience working with them, but so far I love it. The people are great and I cannot WAIT to see this year's car up and running (which won't happen until next year, probably). The pic is of me in the car from the last competition, blurry because my cameraman didn't take into account my cameraphone's delay when snapping it.

The new engine is supposed to be dyno tested this weekend, I wonder if I'll get to see it, or more importantly hear it.

Why haven't I done this sooner? I haven't really done much with any club at Cal but I can see myself spending 80% of my weekends helping out with this. I loved metal shop in high school (I took metal 2 twice, never learned TIG though, which is hurting me right now), I love modifying/driving my RC car crazily, and I drove my Corolla wagon a little too ridiculously in high school. The only bad thing is I really can't pull myself to do work after coming home from the shop on the weekends since I'm so tired (or maybe that's just an excuse).

If you haven't heard about the UCwide "walkout", well, here is a pic I took from what happened at UC Berkeley. It was so massive I could barely hear what was going on, but the chanting/shouting was kinda fun.

If I get time/energy this weekend, maybe I'll post pics of my laptop speaker repair (it hasn't happened yet by the way, and yes I teased at it during the last post). I took apart my laptop and took them out, and to my surprise, it still works great! However, I ended up with an extra screw, which was very unsettling. I spent an hour partially taking it apart and putting it back together to try to figure out where it went, in the end I guess it's nonessential. I'll have another chance to figure it out soon though, during the repair.