Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Not much going on these days. Since I'm a more serious student now, not much can go on off on the side.

Anyway, I sorta fixed my couch.

See, we got the couch for free with the apartment, and I think I know why. The seat cushions had this habit of coming out just a little bit whenever you sat down, and gradually they'd be so far out as to be annoying.

We'd have to shove them back in like three times a day. No wonder we got this loveseat for free.

But no more shall the seat cushions inch outwards! For I have installed INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH VELCRO, and the cushions are now ATTACHED TO THE COUCH. HOORAY!

Anyone of my readers remember this pic from a previous post? Note the tiny plastic yellow vise. The chromed locking screw is actually plastic as well, and it attaches by suction. I actually dremeled things in that vise. I don't know how, but I did. It was kind of scary at times.

However, with the recent acquisition of a Sears gift card, my last trip to Sears produced this:
Sure, it still attaches by suction, but most of it is metal (aircraft aluminum), and it feels very solid. It can rotate into all sorts of positions (note the ball between the base and vise), and has rubber jaw caps for stuff I don't want to scratch. Now, if only I had a little more capital, and if Sears carried the Craftsman stepped drill bits they have online in their stores, then I'd be set for my next amp build.