Saturday, March 14, 2009

Remember to properly fillet your joints, kids!


The shelf is done. I can't believe it. I was really expecting to procrastinate.

In a way, I was procrastinating by working on the shelf, instead of working on my labs/midterms. Anyway, here are the shots leading up to it:

This is a glue fillet.

Fillet drying. It looks like this shelf was designed by Casa Designs. It wasn't. Kind of funny my random cutting of cardboard worked out that way.

Final panel clamped down after gluing, with the force of THREE CAMPBELLS lol. David donated his international edition paperback Campbell to the cause. Other books helped too (damn Vollhardt).

Goddamn shaky fingers. Anyway, this is one possible configuration of shoes. As you can see I really should have made it ~4 inches wider to accommodate a third pair of shoes in each shelf, but it helps plenty like this.

Final shot:

Man, that was really fun. REALLY. It's like, more relaxed than papercrafting: with cardstock papercraft I had to cut with a precision of 0.2 mm and never ever designed anything myself. My precision is way off with this shelf (sometimes an eighth of an inch off!), not to mention I only have an 18" straightedge, but it works fine. Someday when I have more furniture and I don't care about this piece, I'm going to test it to failure. I wonder if I can sit on it.

I feel kind of empty now. Although it was always a mess in between our living room and kitchen, it was really fun. The thought of always having something to do to this thing was comforting.

I think my room might need some more organising help in the form of post-consumer recycled tree pulp.

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