Sunday, July 27, 2008


I fixed my coffeemaker!
Here's the story:
While moving out a few months ago, I had to store this thing in a box. Being stupid, I hadn't removed the old coffee grounds from the last time I brewed, so they naturally moved around in the machine. When I tried it up again, the water level in the reservoir was staying the same, and it was making the sound, the sound it was only supposed to make when it finished, early.
So, of course, I figure there's a clog somewhere. I pour water into the reservoir and out of it repeatedly, and see some grounds leave, but still nothing. A week or so later, I figure I'll go deeper, try harder. All of the coffeemaker troubleshooting I find on Google don't help, they just tell me to check the wiring and the heating element.
I open it up anyway, and what do I find?
A series of tubes! Of course. Okay, only two tubes, hope you got the reference though. It draws water from the reservoir, pumps it into a heating element, and then pumps it up into the spout to drizzle over the coffee grounds. I pull out one of the tubes, and find a one-way valve inside and lots of old COFFEE. The pics are post-cleaning though, no old coffee here.

So I put everything back together and VOILA, COFFEE! I was spending ~$2 2 to 3 times a week on slow mornings at Starbucks D: . Now I can make my own, for cheap, very cheap, using a reusable container so I'm making less waste as well. However, don't take this as me caring for the environment, please.

The moral of the story? Always immediately throw away the old coffee when you're finished brewing, or at least never turn your drip coffeemaker on its side or any other way than upright if there's old coffee in there.

Man, I wonder if anyone's reading this. Why even post? No, that kind of thinking would repel any readers, if they exist :D. Please, if you read this and are into tech, and building stuff, I do like to do that sort of thing. All my tools are almost 200 miles away at the moment. You might see something like this posted if I had them:

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