Sunday, June 20, 2010


I guess it's way past due for an update.

The 2010 California Formula SAE competition has just finished yesterday. It was one crazy ride. So intense but so much fun. It is also so refreshing and interesting to see the other cars from schools all over the world.

I took some pictures but didn't opt to bring my camera, so they're crappy camera phone pics, for better pics search for "Cal Racing" on facebook, but our historian hasn't uploaded any pictures/videos at the time of this writing (he's probably on his way back home right now).

While I wanted to get involved in a number of things on the team, I ended up doing wiring. I started with some chassis fabrication (tube grindin'!), and general tasks during engine dyno testing. I've always enjoyed wiring, but have never focused this much on making a safe, reliable, and attractive final product. I have learned so effing much about automotive wiring, but I'm still a rookie and there is much more. I really do wish I could get into other disciplines like chassis, suspension, engine, composites, at least a little bit with the little time I have left on this team.

I regret so much not joining immediately freshman year. I have never worked this hard for anything in my life, and my job isn't even that hard.

Auto Club Speedway

Some of my wiring

University of Illinois - Urbana

University of Oklahoma

UC Berkeley getting worked on

Vellore Institute of Technology [India] (University of Leeds members shown also)

University of Leeds [UK] (Vellore Institute of Technology members shown also)

Montana State University - Bozeman

University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign (University of Alberta 2009 car visible on right)

University of Saskatchewan [Canada]- Tech Inspection (UC Davis visible in background)

Universidad Autonoma Estado Mexico - Tech Inspection
Crazy bodywork!

Chitkara Institute of Engineering and Technology [India]- Tech Inspection

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