Monday, June 29, 2009

Photo quality is back

... After just one more pic, I swear! I mean, this pic wouldn't be possible with anything other than my cell cam. It'll be obvious, don't worry.

Before, this blog has had a maximum of 2 confirmed (by comments) readers at any given time, with previous picture quality. There hasn't been a comment since the poor picture quality began. Anyone remember this failed attempt at fixing my good ol' Konica Minolta X50? Tried to charge using the external DC jack, but then realized it doesn't charge from that jack, then tried to power from that jack ~5 volts from USB. Then I found out the USB supply current was too low for the camera to actually operate on.

Now, I had this idea a few months ago, but then forgot about it until now. It's so simple.

Yep. Just 4 AA's, NiMH, rated at a total of 4.8 volts, while the dc jack on the camera is asking for 4.7 volts. Close enough, even alkalines worked, which provided nearly 6 volts. I measured current draw, and it was only a little over the USB 100 mA at 340 mA. Okay, it's more than three times as much, but its still very low.
I'll probably re-do it with a longer cable, as this will get cumbersome when I try to use a tripod, but it worked. Also, yes that is the 4-AA holder that I also used as a receiver pack on the last post.

10 Cells

On Saturday, after the old Ni-Cads had been cycled a few times with my discharger, I headed out to a nice little spot (in fact the only spot with flat dirt here in Berkeley) west of here to finally see what 10 cells could do-at least with my 20 turn Stinger/Flash hybrid.

It just so happened there were a bunch of guys running nitro RCs! As I was setting up for some fun and getting ready to challenge their Losi XXX-NT (I think) to a drag race, since I was feeling confident with the 10-cell setup, I pulled the trigger (throttle) ever so slightly, it moved a little and--death. It died right there. The ESC had died. It had run on 10 cells before.

I inspected it later that night, nothing seemed wrong, and it was rated for up to 10 cells. I went back on Sunday with the very old and weak (but dependable) Elektra, rated at 6 cells and only handling down to 20-turn motors.

It was still fun, but I felt it could have been a lot more fun. I still went and got it a bit dirty though :D Enjoy

That little red thing in the back is a ghetto (but effective) air intake to cool the motor.

Where the intake leads to

And another shot

My favorite shot

The Elektra, the purple heatsinks match the rear purple shocks lol.

The failed ESC - Duratrax Streak.
I don't know if you can blame it, I was pretty bad at soldering when I replaced the 14 gauge with 12 gauge. But it was working fine this entire time. Also, why on EARTH would you release an ESC rated up to 10 cells and down to 12 turns with 14 gauge wire, a tamiya plug and bullet connectors? Where are the solder posts? It was very cheap though, so I'm not too sad.

I kind of messed up that motor mount that I described a few posts ago, so it'll be a while before I get the time and money to work on it again, but I figured by then I might as well go brushless :D

Also, for when I get back into this, I picked up a disposable camera that can be used as a battery zapper, for the next time I decide to bring out the old NiCads. I think I'll document it and everything, recording down charge cycle statistics before and after the treatment, and I'll try on the entire pack, and per cell as well. Hopefully there will be graphs.

Funny story about how I got this also. So, all i really went to Walgreens for was a bag of chips, I had a 6" sub for lunch and was feeling a bit hungry again, and then I passed by the disposable cameras and remembered the whole zapping thing, although I had intended to focus more on school and not RC again for a while. Anyway, I ask the clerk if I can have one of their old disposables, she asks the manager, and I'm denied. Then, as a stroke of luck, some girl happened to be there, ready to develop, and offered me hers. This was all in front of the clerks and manager too. Okay, I'm sorry, that wasn't funny at all.


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Haha since it was the last thing on you're entry I'll comment on it first. The walgreen part was so funny I love when shit like that happens, I bet he was annoyed for the rest of the day.

I've always liked your RC and when ever I hear about yours I often wonder what it would be like if I bought one myself. But I don't think I'd stick with it for very long, esp if it happened to break I wouldn't know what to do to fix it.

Took bad your 10 cell didn't take, esp at a time like that ready to race. Very unlucky

Andrew said...

fucking bitch

Anonymous said...

lol I had to go look up what a Nicad battery is... but besides that, when you say something is a "funny story" you don't have to be so literal about it. btw sorry for the comment wars.. haha.

kanamin said...

Andy it's pretty easy, and I could help and lots of other ppl online too.

It's so much fun, keeps me sane. Building/troubleshooting/etc has such a meditative effect on me.

thanks guyz.