Saturday, May 9, 2009

Power Supply (for phono stage)

I finally built my electrical engineering course project, it's horrible, I'm not even going to post a decent pic of it. However, it has inspired me to hopefully pursue robotics (BEAM in particular) this summer.

It left my new-old-foundatafreesigninfrontofabankruptbusiness'soldlocation folding table setup a mess (this was an early picture, it got much worse than this).

I should take a full proper picture of it folded up, it's so cool. I wouldn't have finished my project without it, my desk is way too cramped. Here it is, equally flooded with parts and tools and such.

Also, much of the work was done at night, so I would have bothered my roommate much (either with solder fumes, or the cold of having the windows open).

What to do with all my parts and tools out? A power supply for my Very Simple Phono Stage of course! The basis of which is a completely blank 24 V DC power supply from my local electronics store, along with an adjustable regulator, a pot, some caps, etc etc.

It took much longer than I thought. Instead of boring you with circuit details and how I asked the good people of Head-Fi for help, here are the pics.

PSU on the left during testing. The heatsink was remarkably cold during a few hours of operation, which was a relief. It's so small! That huge capacitor is a 1mF.

The blank wall wart. It does its job and gets a little warm. There is a 24v dc regulated Elpacs wall wart on the right, but that is for my PPA :D

And the psu, with the preamp in the background. Notice how I partially wrapped it in aluminum foil for shielding (only the bottom of these enclosures are metal). I swear it sounded better after I did it (okay, I guess I can't really tell since it could be placebo all the same). Linda Ronstadt's voice in particular sounded exceptionally better, as well as Jenny Lewis's. My speaker's strong point is mids anyway.

I love that little fuse holder, and the heatsink, and the toggle switch, everything. It's so cute.

Also, I saw this little gem at Rasputin's the other day. If it weren't for that price tag (it's used), I would have bought it.
Pretty hilarious if you ask me.

I feel so bad with these terrible pictures. I hope my camera charger turns up soon, or else the li ion inside will permanently die D:

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