Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ink and Dust

So, looks like it's about time for a new post. Not much going on nowadays, I'm spending all my time playing DS. Bear with me, the good posts are coming. Just a few more weeks and they'll start.

This is what my fully-refilled LAMY looks like after two lectures.
It's a good thing I got a converter :D
How much more when the school year starts and I actually have more than one class to go to?

This is what my computer hard drive fan filter looks like after only a few months.
At least it worked, they're not inside my case.


Andrew said...

Well I told you that I read your blog so I might as well post while I'm reading it. That's a packload of dust reminds me of my computer, a few weeks ago any video game I would play would get fragments and artifacts while playing them and I was confused so I updated my video drivers and it wasn't fixed, opened my case and repositioned my video card and noticed it was really really dusty, so I went to radio shack bought a huge ass bottle of compressed air and cleaned my whole comp, sad thing is my video card can't be saved, it's preeminently fucking up textures in video games, allowing me to wall hack somes times to my benefit, so good thing you noticed :D

kanamin said...

hooray! a comment. Your card has a zalman VF700 right? Actually, even with the filters (I have two intake fans with filters), my zalman VF900 fills up with dust pretty quickly. So there's permanent heat damage? trip

Andrew said...

Yeah permanent, but my video card has a lifetime warranty :D so I'm not worried about it